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+ Real Time Backup of Files and Folders

        + Automatic Files and Folders Synchronization

                 + Replication and Mirroring of Files between locations


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Files and Folders Synchronization and Backup 


Data Sync is a shareware File Backup and Data Synchronization Software/Utility, fully automated Files and Folders backups, Mirroring, Replication

It is state of the art software to synchronize files and folders into multiple locations on the same computer or on Network Computers. As new file is created or updated in the specified folder or drive, it immediately makes its copies to specified destination locations. So user can restore and recover  his Files, Folder or Data from backup locations any time. It safely protects you from accidental deletes, overwrites, and virus attacks. Data Sync is a handy, small backup program that lets you easily backup your documents and folders


- Real time backup and synchronization

  Copies and Synchronize files between multiple locations in real time


- Automatic Files and Folders Replication

  Automatically replicates and copies updated files to all specified destination locations


- Drive and Folder Mirroring

  Data Sync can mirror files and folders into other hard drives and network drives


In fact, you can configure it once and forget about backup hassle.


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Data Sync is an amazing Shareware Utility for Files and Folders Backup & Synchronization. Once configured properly it Synchronize and replicates files and folders automatically on multiple location.


Mike Simon


Techno Soft

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