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Frequently Asked Questions


1- What are System Requirements?

:: You can install Data Sync on Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP and Windows 2003, Data Sync also requires .Net 2.0


2- How many Destination Location I can define?

:: You can define unlimited number of destination locations


3- What does Delete from Destination option means?

:: When File is deleted from source location, it is not immediately deleted from destination location, instead Data Sync deletes the files from destination after the delay defined in this Delete from Destination Option, if Time defined in 000:00 Minutes then file will not be deleted from destination. 


4- What is the function of Data Sync Service in System Tray?

:: Data Sync service watches for any newly created files and monitors changes in all existing files, As a file is created, changed or deleted, Data Sync Application make same changes to destination immediately.


5- What are different icons of Data Sync Service?

::  When Icon is Blue with Lens on it, it means it is watching the source location for updates, When Data Service is doing an operation like copying Files to Destination or deleting files from destination then Icon is Colored Green, and when an error occurs while doing an operation, the system tray ion turns Red


6- How many Files Types Can be Selected for Synchronization or For Not Synchronization?

:: You can add any no of file types into the lists.


7- What does Exclude Locations option do?

:: What ever locations or Folders you define in this list are not monitored and any updates within these folders are not synchronized on destinations


8- Error “Could Not Access the File because it is being used by Other Process”?

:: Data Sync can not Synchronize files that are not accessible while they are in use, so it can not Copy such inaccessible files to destination location.


9- How can I Purchase Data Sync License?

:: Go to and fill out the form and follow the instructions, On submission of the details and payment info you will get License No which you can enter into the registration screen of Data Sync


10- Why Data Sync not synchronizing all files into destination location?

:: There could be several reasons for skipping some files from being backup/synchronized,

  a) Go to Options Screen and check Synchronize files Options if "Synchronize files of selected file types only" is selected, then you need to add appropriate file extensions into the list of file types

  b) Go to Options Screen and check Synchronize files Options if "Synchronize all files from source location" is selected, then you need to check the file extensions in the list of file types, if the file that is not being synchronized is of type which is in the list, then you need to remove that file type from the list.

  c) The files may be created or updated in a location/Folder that is defined in Exclude Locations. Data Sync don't watches updates in Locations which are defined in Exclude List



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Easy to use Software for Backup, Synchronization, Replication and Mirroring of files. I never had any problem using this Software, Just install and configure once and then it automatically manage all backups


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