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+ Real Time Backup of Files and Folders

        + Automatic Files and Folders Synchronization

                 + Replication and Mirroring of Files between locations


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Features of Data Sync


Make file Backups and synchronize it in real time

As user creates / copies new file in source Location it will automatically create/Synchronized it at all destination locations.


Files and Folders Replication and Mirroring

Data Sync keeps on tracking changes in specified folder or drive, and on update of any file within that folder, it automatically replicates and mirror the file to all destination locations



Data Sync is developed using Microsoft .Net 2.0 Technology. It is compatible with most of the Microsoft platforms. Tested on Window 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP


Support for different types of backup storage

Data Sync is designed to work with different types of storage Media, which are as follows:

Local Drives

Network drives

ZIP Files



Support for Multiple Destination Locations for Backup

One of the strong features of Data Sync is to provide the multiple Locations option to take the backup i.e., to synchronize files and folders into multiple Destination locations on the same computer or on Network Computers.


Skip unwanted files from backup

You can skip files from backup of specific file types. by defining their extensions


Backup Tracking and Logging

Detailed errors and event's log generation.


and much more...




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(This Flash Presentation Shows how Data Sync Backup and Synchronize files between Source and Destination Locations)



Backup and Synchronization Utility Reviews


Data Sync made my job  so simple, that I just update daily tasks sheet (MS Word File) in my computer and it is automatically distributed, replicated and synchronized on all network computers, so my team gets daily tasks right on their desktop


Jane Forrester

Marketing Manager

SAE Marketing Co

  Backup and Synchronization Utility Reviews    


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