Production Management System

Turn your production into more profits


This software system is designed to Calculate Production, Efficiency and Electricity consumption of an Industrial Unit that uses AC Speed Control Inverters to drive their machinery. Like Spinning Mills, Weaving Mills, Textile Mills, Rugs Looms etc.

The system is designed to manage production and efficiency of a Mill. It collects all the data from AC Speed Control Inverters and Calculate Efficiency, Production and Electricity Consumption of each Machine in a Unit



Our system Communicates with each machine in a unit and fetch basic data into computer. Then Production and efficiency of each machine is calculated.







  1. Completely Automated and Real Time System that Calculates Efficiency, Production and Electricity consumption directly from Machines Output.

  2. Easy to Operate, with Integrated Help Files and Online Support.

  3. Efficiency calculation and management of Each Machine in a Unit, Shift wise, Daily, Week wise or Monthly

  4. Production Calculations and Management of whole Unit (All Machines) Date wise and Shifts wise.

  5. Electricity Consumption of Each Machine in a Unit. Date wise and Monthly Bill calculations

  6. Speed Time Patterns of each AC Inverter can be Programmed through an easy interface

  7. Detailed Error Log and Fault History is Maintained

  8. Production and Efficiency Graphs with Target Production and Deadline facility

  9. Real Time Data of Each Machine can be displayed


10.   Detailed Reports with all required Data

  • Current Status Report (Shows Current Status of All Machines in a Unit)

  • Current Shift Report (Shows Detailed Information of Each Running Machine in Current Shift)

  • Daily Report (Daily Production, Efficiency & Electricity Consumption of Each Machine in Each Shift)

  • Weekly Report (Production, Efficiency and Electricity Consumption of All Machines between two Dates e.g. Week or Month)

  • Monthly Report (Production, Efficiency and Electricity Consumption of All Machines between two Dates e.g. Week or Month)

  • Electricity Consumption (Electricity Bill Report Shift Wise between two Dates e.g. Month)

11. Connectivity with Local Network and Internet (Optional)

12. Send Faults and Errors to Mobile Message as SMS (Optional)


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